Those Bringing Death and Disaster

Humans considered to be a homo sapiens regard themselves as being peaceful, friendly beings. However, by non-human beings they are called: those who torment, torture and bring death.
When people see a film about a group of lions hunting an antelope, bringing it down and together with their children, companions and relatives eating it, they often complain: How cruel! The poor little antelope, who immediately appeals to the protective instinct of humans with its cuteness (Konrad Lorenz’ kindchenschema), had to die. However, in case it is a human who shoots a lion, has his head stuffed as a trophy and fixed to the wall of his living room, not much people will dare to say anything. The lion kills in order to survive, the man kills (in this case) because he thinks this to be fun, and to show off in society.
Wild animals are hunted all over the world — only a few of them because the people who hold responsibility, or who themselves go on a hunting party, suffer from hunger. Tigers and other felines have to die because their ground bones are used in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Significant landscapes in Africa, Asia and America are almost emptied by white hunters and their local helpers. Herds of elephants are poisoned because they get in the way. Add to this the destruction of biotopes by agriculture, mining, urbanization, etc.
Humans have built up an industry that has degraded to raw materials billions of living beings, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, rabbits, chicken, turkeys etc., as well as plants of all kinds. Rivers, lakes and seas are fished empty and stocked with breeding animals, e.g. salmon, shrimps, etc. that are fed with fish meal. Since all these creatures, marginalized and harassed 24/7, are restricted to some confined space, worse than in the worst human nightmares, they are physically and mentally ill, and have to be constantly replenished with medication.
Agrarian industry hurls a never-ending stream of meat products and other food day by day, sick meat from maltreated creatures who are actually brothers and sisters of this species who likes to call themselves homo sapiens. People get ill of their food, no matter they have been indoctrinated for years to consider this kind of life to be with no alternative. Their digestive system, their organs, their nervous system, their immune system, all of this is degenerated by the daily intake of meat and plant waste as well as antibiotics, hormones and other drug residues. They no longer have their own defence against diseases of all kinds — and thus get dependent on the healthcare industry.
Added to this are the storage of all kinds of substances that do not belong in the bodies of living things: plastics of all sizes, right down to nanoparticles. They come from part of petroleum production, the part that was not used to heat the atmosphere but to manufacture plastics. For example, yoghurt pots, drinking straws, toothpicks, earplugs, but also components of electrical equipment, vehicles, constructions, etc., not to forget plastic bags.
It is all too well known that this way of treating living beings is downright wrong and heinous, and will inevitably lead to disastrous consequences for people. And that contamination of the living environment with all those useless products, waste, and the destruction of whole ecotopes will lead to retaliation upon people. However, many people probably not really are homo sapiens, wise people. They act against their very own interests, they elect parties and persons who bring death and destruction, they deliberately destroy their living environment.

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