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Earth Manifesto Facebook Group

The goal of the EARTH MANIFESTO group is to support the Earth on the path of healing. Healing means: stopping the destruction and contamination of the biosphere, eliminating the sources that are in the process of killing all living beings and making all life impossible. Link

Those Bringing Death and Disaster

Humans considered to be a homo sapiens regard themselves as being peaceful, friendly beings. However, by non-human beings they are called: those who torment, torture and bring death. When people see a film about a group of lions hunting an antelope, bringing it down and together with their children, companions and relatives eating it, they often complain: How cruel! The poor little antelope, who immediately appeals to the protective instinct of humans with its cuteness (Konrad Lorenz’ kindchenschema ), had to die. However, in case it is a human who shoots a lion, has his head stuffed as a trophy and fixed to the wall of his living room, not much people will dare to say anything. The lion kills in order to survive, the man kills (in this case) because he thinks this to be fun, and to show off in society. Wild animals are hunted all over the world — only a few of them because the people who hold responsibility, or who themselves go on a hunting party, suffer from hunger. Tigers an

2nd Message of Earth to Human Beings

The situation of humans is disastrous. There are no noteworthy efforts to mitigate or even stop the various catastrophic developments: The enrichment of the atmosphere with CO₂ and with methane gases, the gases that contribute to global warming, is accelerated. Forests around the equator and in the northern hemisphere are being cut down faster and faster. In the north, bogs are burning and the permafrost is thawing. Those who are responsible for this are not only acting out of greed, but they want to leave “scorched earth”. They boast about their destructive capabilities. Most of these people also are mass murderers, they arrange for indigenous peoples and poor populations to be killed, or are they personally involved in such capital crimes. ( to be continued)