Letter to Humans

I am the home to billions and billions of creatures. I am the Earth, and all these creatures living in my oceans, on my land surface and in the air belong to me, they are parts of my physical and spiritual body. We are an entity, a complex entity. We live in a peaceful way, we communicate, we develop each other and ourselves. In millions of years we altered, new creatures form out in the life zones of my surface.

One of these species is a creature walking on two legs, has two gifted hands and a gifted brain. Human beings have been part of life, took part in natural communication and live peacefully.

Some thousand years ago some groups of humans invented a new lifestyle. They became farmers, they founded towns, they constructed a hierarchic society with priests and kings at the top. They founded armed forces to wage war on their neighbours. They conquered their small world, they founded reichs and empires. These warrior humans started to kill all peaceful humans, only a small amount is left living in marginal areas.

For about 5 or 600 years you crowded my life surface, you so-called civilized people. And you have declared war on all creatures, and on myself. Now it's time to show you who is the real master of this world. I will send you the seven plagues and more. 

© 2020 by Antje Lienen

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