Earth Manifesto

By the Earth I have been appointed to speak for her, and to deliver her message to the people. I am not authorized to conduct negotiations on Earth's demands with political or economic representatives of the people.

The Earth physically consists of the planet with a liquid to viscous interior, a solid crust, which in the surface area is divided into different rock plates. She is part of the solar system. Over the course of billions of years, a wide variety of animal and plant life has developed on the continental, insular and oceanic rock plates, thereby forming their environment. All these creatures are part of the Earth, they belong to her. Their habitat can be described as the biosphere, under water, on land and in the air. The Earth as a living being belongs to a different life form than the mostly carbon-based animals and plants.

The Earth, her living beings as well as the other planets and the sun communicate with each other. Their channels of communication are just as hidden from the people to whom I speak as those beings who lead a disembodied existence nevertheless exist. Among the people who have lived for hundreds of thousands of years there have always been those who have talked with non-human beings, with the Earth and the spirit beings. Today, almost exclusively people on the fringes of human civilization belong to this group.

Human civilization, which began with the Neolithic Revolution more than 10,000 years ago, has massively changed the face of the Earth and created deep devastation with the advent of the capitalist economy and the scientific and technical "exploitation of nature". Every day many trillions of non-human living beings have been and are being killed, forests on the scale of continents destroyed. The interventions of humans in the life of the Earth are excessive, the biosphere becomes uninhabitable, also for humans themselves.

The Earth is no longer willing to stand by and watch this species, which has completely disengaged itself from the Earth system to go astray. In addition, humans are contaminating the biosphere through chemical, medical-pharmaceutical and nuclear industries. Furthermore, the unrestrained burning of oil, gas, coal, peat and wood heats up the atmosphere, resulting in drastic climate changes.

The power of the human individuals dominating the human race seems insurmountable, the capitalist process of exploitation confronts the mass of people as a natural phenomenon–like a storm or a flood. At the same time–taking an outside-view–it is foreseeable that the destruction of the human species will come–and with it of most other animal and plant species. The biosphere will be nearly uninhabitable for almost a million years, as some 450 nuclear power plants will burn out and trillions of tons of highly radioactive waste will be released into the environment. 450 Fukushimas, whose radioactive radiation will be distributed worldwide.

The Earth has instructed me to tell humans that she is determined to block the way into such a catastrophe. She therefore demands..:

  • All nuclear power plants must be shut down immediately.

  • The highly radioactive nuclear waste must be stored safely.

  • All nuclear weapons must be dismantled immediately and the radioactive components added to the nuclear waste.

  • An international organisation to be set up is responsible for carrying out these tasks, and the states and companies lose all rights to the nuclear power stations and the nuclear weapons. 

  • This organisation will have its own army to supervise the plants, as well as the handling of decommissioning and disarmament.

The Earth does not speak on the channel on which humans communicate. Therefore its representatives, who receive this message through me, will usually not take me seriously. The Earth knows that, of course. Therefore, she reserves the right to take measures to demonstrate to people who is master of the house.

© 2019-2020 by Antje Lienen

The Earth: she gives life, she gives death.

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