Earth Day

The face of the Earth shows in the butterfly, in the caterpillar, in the face of the gray heron and the baboon, the trout and the rattlesnake. But also in the oaks, the rhubarb bushes and the grasses and daisies. It is the volcanic lake in the Eifel, the ridge on the Weser with its rabbits and lynxes, the semi-desert with its cacti.

But the blank faces of those who two legged creatures, chatty and busy, are not associated with the Earth. They delude themselves into thinking they were the owners of the Earth, the owners of billions of chickens, pigs, steel and nuclear power plants, high-rise buildings and halls and lunar landscapes. They have been waging war on each other for 12,000 years: Who will be the winner? (if there should ever be one) Who will be the superstar? My earth day, states the Earth, will be the day when all these slave owners are gone for good.

© 2020 by Antje Lienen

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