Accompanying Text to the EARTH MANIFESTO


The following comments on the EARTH MANIFESTO receive confirmation by many organizations, scientific institutes, projects and NGOs. Almost 8 billion people will live on Earth in 2020. This is an extremely high number when compared to various animal populations. You don't have to be a zoologist, your own observations will perfectly suffice: in the animal world, excess populations as a rule are not viable, they usually will collapse. Since humans undoubtedly are living beings, they will have to account for the fact that they will inadvertently face such a fate.

This will not only hold due to shortage of food, which is a problem that is constantly worsening. The massive interference of human civilization in the biosphere leads to destruction of resources essential to humans, animals and plants alike. The mass extinction that people cause through their actions also affects themselves. It compares to the mass extinction at the end of the Permian period about 250 million years ago.

Just that this time the catastrophe will be greater, as human civilization has destroyed large parts of the ecosystem through massive intervention in the biosphere. Global warming will ultimately make large parts of the Earth's surface uninhabitable for mammals.The introduction of solid, liquid and gaseous toxic pollutants into the biosphere effects that only those creatures will survive long-time who are able to handle these substances. The massive accumulation of CO₂ and methane in the atmosphere will lead to acidification of oceans, seas and lakes, as well as to global warming.

All of these, as well as further impacts on the stability and balance of ecosystems will be surpassed by expectable nuclear catastrophe: What happens if the workers of nuclear reactors will fall ill and die? The plants will go out of control, and nuclear meltdowns will occur. The radioactivity will diffuse all over the planet, contaminating each and every thing. Very few creatures will be able to survive the disaster. It will take a few million years for the EARTH to restore a viable biosphere.


A surprising fact about these statements is that most people very well know that they are on the brink of ruin. Those who are personally responsible for the steadily escalating catastrophic development are even more aware of this than those ruled by them, and fooled by their sock puppets like politicians and journalists. They are reminiscent of suicide bombers waiting for the explosion to finally tear them apart.

To a normal human being, this must seem perverse and psychotic. At the same time, most people cling to their tiny piece of faux-normalcy in everyday life routines, and millions of times endure the humiliation and oppression that goes along with it — usually at the hands of their own kind.

Millions of mentally crippled creatures are at the disposal of self-designated elites, preventing people from successfully defending themselves against being sent to their doom.

Opposition leaders these days are no longer eliminated, but are assimilated into the upper class by corruption, and trained to harm their former followers.


As evident from the EARTH MANIFESTO, the EARTH will no longer stand idly by the face of this development. Therefore, she is aimed at the sensible among people. She does not want people to suffer extinction in the next few years.

She wants people to take control of their actions and begin to remedy their fatal role in the biosphere. She wants people to shut down the 450 nuclear power plants, and bury and guard the radioactive waste with the help of an international organization for the next 3-400 years (or more). I will not go into details here: There are many groups, organizations and people who have worked on this topic and suggested very good solutions.

In order to survive such a long period of time, everything must be done to mitigate global warming — many, many have already made suggestions for this. The contamination of the biosphere with plastic, medical residues, pesticides, etc. also has to be stopped. The destruction of the biosphere by deforestation, fires, leveling of mountains and clearing away entire landscapes must be ended.

© 2020 by Anna Boedeker

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